I use computers to question some of the things I make with cameras. 

I believe in photography’s ability to touch truth, but less so in our placing of importance on it having some kind of indexical relationship to what’s “real.” 

My work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, WIRED, SLATE, GUP Magazine, FLAK photo, Conscientious Photography Magazine, Doubletake Magazine, Contact Sheet, Afterimage, Fotophile, In the Loupe, and other publications. I have exhibited work nationally and internationally, and I graduated from Princeton University (where I studied Ethics and the Philosophy of Value) and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (where I completed an MFA in Photography and Digital Imaging). I have been on the faculty at Amherst College, Bowdoin College, Ramapo College, The University of Connecticut, The University of Massachusetts Boston, Middlesex College, and The Community College of Rhode Island. I am the recipient of a J.William Fulbright Scholar Grant and the Ruttenberg Arts Foundation Award for the best new work nationally in photographic portraiture.

I live and work in Somerville, Massachusetts.

For current CV please download .pdf